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Both the delivery note and the invoice

That allows you to easily send an e-mail with the push of a button, a function that allows you to request mailing from a tool provider, a function that notifies the customer of the confirmation status, and a function that allows you to create documents in English. provided by the provider. Before introducing it, check whether the function that can solve your company's problem is provided. 3-2. Select a tool that can be linked with an existing system Whether or not data can be linked with the accounting system and sales management system you are currently using is also an important point in choosing a tool.

There are two types of linkage methods: CSV linkage and API linkage. CSV linkage is a method of extracting data from an existing system and importing it into a delivery note/invoice creation tool. On the other hand, API linkage is a method of directly linking with existing systems. The latter is more convenient Cambodia phone number list because it can save time and effort such as updating because it is automatically linked. It would be a good idea to check the cooperation method as well. 3-3. Try before installation with the free trial version Tools with useful functions are released by various companies, but these functions are meaningless unless you can actually use them.

Costs will be incurred after the introduction, so I would like to check the operability before that. Many companies that provide creation tools offer free trial versions, so it is recommended that you try out the actual operation first to see how easy it is to use. 3-4. Support system is in place If the production of delivery slips and invoices is stopped due to some kind of trouble, not only will it be a major hindrance to business, but it will also cause inconvenience to our business partners.

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