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Briefly explain why you are contacting them

Going and build a more substantial bond with your contact. It will be even better if you drop a reference or mention a common acquaintance. After being an absolute stranger, you instantly jump to being someone like “a friend of a friend.” Just don’t forget to notify your common friend that you will use them as a reference so that they don’t get surprised when your prospect checks who you are. Here’s a relevant intro email template: Hi , My name is , and I’m at . I recently met up with who shared some of your impressive marketing ideas. I think your approach would be a perfect fit for my company. Perhaps we could work together on . If this is on your agenda at the moment.

Then love to schedule a brief phone call to discuss possible solutions. What time and date works best for you? Thank you, Explain your reason for reaching out Now that the recipient has got curious about you. The key is to give them an idea of why they should respond to your email. Try to find mobile number list an individual approach to every recipient — they should feel unique and special. Adjust your message to their pain points and needs — it will help you open up the doors, spark your contact’s attention, and make them want to respond. Check out this introduction email template: Hello , My name is , and I’m at . I noticed you manage one of the software teams at and are looking for solutions to . I have several ideas for how you can . Would it be okay to schedule a brief phone call to share these ideas.


I look forward to hearing from you. Provide value to the recipient People often help for free, but it’s a bad tone to abuse anyone’s generosity. Give some value to your contact before asking for a favor. There is no need to give them financial profit, like a discount or a coupon. It can be a useful tool or a platform, an informative article, or fresh statistics related to their market niche (you don’t always have to be the author). It has practical value and shows the recipient that you have done a small research.

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